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Curriculum Creative 

  • The creative curriculum balances both teacher-directed and child-initiated learning, with an emphasis on responding to children’s learning styles and building on their strengths and interest.

Learn to Teach

 Before our teachers ever interact with students, they study the leading theories of world-renowned educators and learning experts such as:

  • Abraham Maslow – Basic needs
  • Erik Erikson – The emotions
  • Jean Piaget – Logical thinking and reasoning 
  • Lev Vygotsky – Social interaction
  • Howard Gradner – Multiple Intelligences 
  • Sara Smilansky – Play and learning, Research on learning and resiliency Research on learning and the brain
  • John Dewey’s Progressive Education

Each of these philosophies shape the development of our hands-on daily lessons, programs, and activities, as well as how we interact with our learners individually and in groups.

It may not be the simplest way to educate, but it’s certainly the most powerful way to develop the essential 21st century skills every child today needs to succeed.

To provide a vibrant, happy and safe environment in which all people can share positive experiences and feel valued